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Project completed October 2021

Project Information

Web Development

The client


IdeasEvolution is a creative agency specializing in innovative design solutions for businesses across various industries. With a goal to showcase their portfolio and attract potential clients, IdeasEvolution embarked on the development of a new website. The layout and design inspiration for their website were derived from the owners passion for music and media production. Our objectives were clear  for this project and are as follows: 

1) Enhance User Experience: Create an intuitive and user-friendly website that engages visitors and allows easy navigation through the portfolio.

2) Showcase Portfolio: Present IdeasEvolution’s diverse range of creative projects and case studies effectively.

3) Attract New Clients: Position IdeasEvolution as a leading creative agency and generate interest among potential clients.

4) Reflect Brand Identity: Ensure the website’s design and aesthetics align with IdeasEvolution’s brand image and convey their unique creative approach.


How did everything turn out?

The Result

The team at Push did a great job at the objectives stated above. We took the requests into consideration and managed to get the desired results, satisfying the client need for a clean straight forward design that was easy on the eyes. 

1) Responsive Design: Developed a fully responsive website that adapts seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal viewing experience for all users.

 2) Engaging Home Page: We created an impactful and visually appealing homepage that captures visitors’ attention and encourages them to explore further.

 3) Portfolio Showcase: Designed an organized and visually stunning portfolio section that showcases IdeasEvolution’s work through high-quality images, videos, and case studies. 

4) Smooth Navigation: Implemented  intuitive navigation menus and internal links that enable users to easily explore different projects and sections of the website.

 5) Contact and Inquiry Form: Integrated a contact page with an inquiry form, allowing visitors to reach out to IdeasEvolution for project inquiries or collaborations. 

6) Social Media Integration: Incorporated social media links to enable visitors to connect with IdeasEvolution on various platforms and stay updated with their latest projects and news.

How did we get this site to stand out?

Noteworthy Achievements

1) Improved User Experience: The new website provides visitors with a seamless and engaging experience, enabling easy exploration of IdeasEvolution’s portfolio.

2) Enhanced Portfolio Showcase: The visually appealing portfolio section effectively presents IdeasEvolution’s creative projects, increasing their chances of attracting potential clients.

3) Increased Client Engagement: The intuitive navigation and inquiry form encourage visitors to reach out to IdeasEvolution, leading to an increase in

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