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Project completed August 2021

Project Information

Technical Support

The client

Joan Latty Realty

The Goal

Configuring network and Virus protection. 

Joan Latty Realty is a successful real estate company with a growing team of agents and support staff. As the company expanded, the need for a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure became increasingly important. However, the company did not have an in-house IT department and relied on various contractors to handle technical issues as they arose. This ad-hoc approach was not sustainable and resulted in frequent downtime and productivity losses.

To address these issues, Joan Latty Realty decided to outsource their IT department to Push Technologies, a well-respected and experienced IT service provider. Push Technologies was responsible for the implementation of a printer network and virus protection for all devices connected to the company’s network.

What was your approach?

The Implementation

Push Technologies worked closely with Joan Latty Realty to understand the company’s specific needs and requirements. They conducted a thorough assessment of the existing IT infrastructure and identified areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, Push Technologies developed a customized solution that included the implementation of a new printer network and the deployment of advanced virus protection software on all devices.

The implementation process was smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption to the company’s daily operations. Push Technologies provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the IT infrastructure was always running at optimal levels.

How did everything turn out?

The result

The outsourcing of the IT department to Push Technologies has had a significant impact on the overall efficiency and productivity of Joan Latty Realty. The new printer network has improved communication and collaboration among employees, while the advanced virus protection has greatly reduced the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

In addition to the tangible benefits, outsourcing the IT department has also allowed Joan Latty Realty to focus on its core business activities, rather than having to worry about technical issues. The company has been able to save time and resources, which has translated into increased profitability.

The Conclusion

Outsourcing the IT department to Push Technologies was a smart move for Joan Latty Realty. The company has benefited from the expertise and resources of a dedicated IT service provider, which has resulted in improved efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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