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Project completed March 2022

Project Infomation

Web Development

The client

Hamilton Knight and Associates

Hamilton Knight and Associates is a recruiting and training services company based in Jamaica. In order to expand their reach and improve their online presence, the company decided to create a new website, jobsandcareersjamaica.com, to better serve their clients and job seekers.

After careful consideration, Hamilton Knight and Associates chose Push Technologies to design and develop their website. The development process took a total of six months, with regular consultations and reviews to ensure the website met the needs and expectations of the company.

Throughout the process, Push Technologies worked closely with Hamilton Knight and Associates to understand their business goals and design a website that effectively conveyed their brand message and services. The final result was a fully-customized, responsive website that provided a seamless user experience for both clients and job seekers.

How di everything turn out?

The result

Since the launch of the website, Hamilton Knight and Associates has seen a significant increase in traffic and user engagement. The website has also helped the company streamline their recruitment and training processes, allowing them to better serve their clients and candidate

Overall, the partnership with Push Technologies has proven to be a successful investment for Hamilton Knight and Associates, helping them to improve their online presence and grow their business.

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