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Project completed October 2021


Project information

The client

Aisha Pose

The Goal


Trident Hotels recently engaged push technologies to provide a range of IT services for their properties. Push technologies was responsible for the implementation of several digital systems that have helped to improve the efficiency and security of Trident’s operations.

One of the key services provided by push technologies was the installation of CCTV systems across all of Trident’s properties. The CCTV systems were carefully designed and installed to provide comprehensive coverage of the properties, ensuring that any potential security threats could be detected and dealt with quickly.

In addition to the CCTV systems, push technologies also redesigned and implemented fiber and cat5 networks across three of Trident’s properties. This helped to improve the speed and reliability of the hotel’s internet connectivity, enhancing the guest experience and enabling Trident to better serve its clients.

How did everything turn out?

The result

Push technologies also installed, configured, and managed an employee management system for Trident. This system helped to streamline various HR processes and made it easier for Trident to manage and track the performance of its employees.

Finally, push technologies helped Trident to develop comprehensive disaster recovery procedures to ensure that the hotel was prepared for any potential disruptions or emergencies. These procedures have helped to minimize the impact of any unexpected events on Trident’s operations and ensured that the hotel can continue to serve its guests effectively.

Overall, push technologies’ IT services have been a valuable asset to Trident Hotels. The implementation of CCTV systems, fiber and cat5 networks, and employee management systems has helped to improve the efficiency and security of Trident’s operations, while the disaster recovery procedures have given the hotel a valuable safety net in the event of any disruptions or emergencies.

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